More about me

My name is Jan and I’ve been interested in genealogy and family history since I was a teenager. I still have the notes I made when my mother told me about her grandparents and then my dad telling me about his family. I have done genealogy research off and on when I had time through the years.

My research

I’m doing research for both my family and my husband’s family. The main names I’m researching are: VALLEY, MILLER, JOHNSON, McCULLOUGH, LACKERMANN, BARR, SCHWARTZ, CULLEN and HARRINGTON. My family heritage is Norwegian, Swedish, German, Irish and maybe English and Scottish. My husband’s heritage is Irish, German and Czech.


Now that my husband and I are retired I have more time for research and began researching again in 2017. Many people in my family emigrated from Europe and came to the Midwest so the fact that my husband and I retired in Iowa is helpful. I grew up in Oregon and part of my family traveled on the Oregon Trail to arrive in Oregon in 1847. Others arrived in Oregon in the late 1800’s and others in the early 1900’s. Many of my husband’s family stayed in the Midwest.

What I want to talk about

On this blog I plan to talk about the discoveries I have already made as well as the ones I’m making now. I want to include the family stories passed down in our families as well as genealogical records and the history of the areas our families lived in. I won’t talk much about the living members of the family unless family members want to contribute to this blog or unless I get to meet cousins through this blog or through my family trees I have on the internet or through my DNA testing.

Please comment!

I hope my family will decide to comment and/or write a short piece for this blog. I hope anyone else reading this blog will comment on what I write and let me know how I’m doing. I love comments (even if you tell me I’ve made a mistake, you don’t understand what I wrote or think it’s hogwash)!