Baptism record: Ole Sevill VALLEY

I’ve found a baptism record from the First Lutheran Church in Stoughton, Dane County, Wisconsin. The baby’s name is Ole Sevill and his parent’s are Fred and Katinka VALLEY. His birth date is 17 October 1886. The baptism date is 7 November 1886. I believe the baby was later called William and that he was my grandfather Peter VALLEY’s younger brother.

Even more exciting is to see the sponsors’ names–Sophie Kleve, Olive Wallesverdh, Hans Kleve and Konrad Wallesverdh. Katinka’s maiden name is Wallisverg so I think at least two of these sponsors are her relatives.

Having the sponsors’ names gives me new names to search for. I found the record on Ancestry. However, if I had just viewed what Ancestry had recorded–the parents’ names, baby’s name, date of birth, date of baptism–and not looked at the original document carefully I wouldn’t have seen the sponsors’ names.

Source info:

Baptism Record, Ole Sevill Valley, born 17 Oct 1886, First Lutheran Church, Stoughton, Wisconsin, U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Records, 1875-1940.


2 thoughts on “Baptism record: Ole Sevill VALLEY”

  1. My understanding of the ethnicity parts of the analysis from is that since we are siblings whatever ethnicity is calculated for me would also apply to you and vice-versa. Because we each got different genes from our parents adding the results from both of us together provides a more complete representation of our ethnic heritage. So we are ~65% Scandinavian, ~15% Great Britain, ~17% Europe West, ~7% Ireland…I know this adds up to more than 100%, but there has to be a bunch of overlap between Scandinavian, Western European and British and Irish. People moved around a lot and the Vikings, for example, raped and pillaged all of those areas. I still need to study my results.

    Thanks for putting all this together Jan! I will try to add some stories that I heard from our parents and grandparents.


    1. Yeah, I agree, Steve. And I’m very excited you’d like to add some stories. Let me know when you have something and I’ll either give you the ability to do it in the blog or you can send me the article and I’ll format it for the blog. Thanks!


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